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  At long last, the story of Orry Kelly, 


Orry Kelly with Tony Curtis doing a fitting for ‘Some Like it Hot’

 the boy from Kiama who won three Oscars for costume 

Orry’s three Oscars

as head of Warner Brothers costume department  is out there in the world, thanks to the artistry, persistence and skill of Australian Director Gillian Armstong,  

Gillian Armstrong

  who has previously won acclaim for her documentary Unfolding Florence and the 14 up series Love, Lust and Lies which follows the lives of three Adelaide girls every 14 years.
Well known TV character actor Darren Glishenan plays Orry with the right mix of dry wit, fearlessness and malicious glee.

Here is the trailer for Women He’s Undressed. 

Women He’s Undressed trailer

And here is the website for the Women He’s Undressed Documntary

Women He’s Undressed

The film will receive a general cinematic release in the middle of July with the memoir of Orry Kelly ‘Women I’ve Undressed’ available to buy in mid August.


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