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George Weightman’s plaque unveiled at Kiama

Saturday 6th November 2004 – Kiama, NSW, Australia

Commemorative plaque regarding George Weightman, a ‘Prisoner of conscience’.

Plaque is located on the corner of Terralong Street and Railway Parade, Kiama.

Ray Thorburn of the Kiama Family History Centre, with a member of the Pentrich Society of the United Kingdom, presenting the plaque to Kiama.
Missing since 2007


(This site doesn/t seem to be working at the moment)
From Ray Thorburn’s visit in 2001…
“We also have guest speakers too. Last year we had a lecture from Ray
Thorburn who is from the Kiama Family History Society.
Ray addressed a very large crowd to talk about the Pentrich men
who were transported as convicts to Australia… & during the evening
Ray was presented with the 11th Pentrich Revolution trail plaque which
was to commemorate George Weightman who settled & died (1865) in
Kiama, Australia. In fact Ray Thorburn is director of the Australian
Genealogical Education Centre, which is housed in a building opposite
the cottage where George died.

Anyway, you can read all about the above & many other things by
visiting the Pentrich Historical Society web site”

Update;  by December 2008,

plaque-returnsFinally, the Pentrich plaque has now returned though I have not yet learnt the full story!

Here is a close up of the plaque with some history on George Weightman, one of hte Pentrich Five.


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