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What do people think of this recent piece of Kiama History the Great Bridge Club Debate? Should they go and get jackets to look like the Rebels?


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Dunmore House from the air
Dunmore House from the air
Dunmore house
Dunmore House, former home of the NSW Premier Sir George Fuller, just north of the Minnamurra river and Kiama.

Who has heard the story of the Headless Ghost of Dunmore House?
Dunmore House below.

Spooky road outside Dunmore House in the early 1900s
Spooky road outside Dunmore House in early 1900s<
These photos are from 'Illawarra Images' http://illawarraimages.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/illaweb/scripts/default.asp?Lib=/IllaIms
and Shellharbour Images
Dunmore wind take by Anne Ali<
Open window at Dunmore House, taken by Anne Ali.

Dunmore house fireplace<
Dunmore House fireplace
Dunmore Hosue avenue of trees<
Avenue of trees at Dunmore House. It is now privately owned as Dunmore Equestrian Centre
and the history of the Fullers can be found here.
Sir George Fuller
George Warburton Fuller<
Here is an article about Colonel Tom Fuller, the Ilawarra’s most famous soldier.
and the recently deceased (2009) Sir John Fuller, son of their other brother Bryan Fuller.

Here is a Dion’s bus timetable to Kiama

and a Dion's bus in Kiama in about the right era ( from http://www.dions.com.au/html/gallery-one.cfm
1938 Bedford in service in Kiama.


Chevrolet with charcoal burning gas producer.

Sadly no pics of the headless ghost itself, like this one from Stoke Hall, in the UK!

Here is the full story from Barney Dion published in the Dion family history
Headless Ghost<

Here is the front cover of the Dion family history
Dion family history<

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Henry Parkes re-enactment

Henry Parkes, Any comments on the exhibition at the Pilot’s Cottage, or on the recent re-enactment?

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This is a blog for Kiama local history, a tool for discussion, research, and comment on Kiama’s history past and present

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